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Kid-E-Cats Picnic: Three Cats Kitty Games for Kids

Kid-E-Cats Picnic: Three Cats Kitty Games for Kids

  • Updated
    9-01-2020, 14:29
  • Name
    Kid-E-Cats Picnic: Three Cats Kitty Games for Kids
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Game Kid-E-Cats Picnic: Three Cats Kitty Games for Kids created based on the popular cartoon about a family of cats. The main role here is played by three kittens, among which there are two boys and one girl. All the characters are made in a beautiful cartoon style graphics. Characters here will collect fruits and vegetables, then to go on a picnic.

The kids decided to go on a picnic to relax together. Also, the guys decided to call their friends, so you need to try to make everyone like everything. The user will be together with the kittens to collect the necessary products, select recipes, and perform exciting activities.

The player will be in a children's camp, where you need to find a basket for food. Then, you will need to fill the basket with products. What kind of food will be needed, the characters ' mother knows. She has recipes that will be useful for preparing a picnic. Then the kittens will have another adventure.

The fact that you will need to cross the forest, where you will meet various obstacles. There are several interesting mini-games. You will have to go fishing, collecting berries and mushrooms. All this is sure to appeal to young users, and the game Three Cats picnic from STS! will not leave anyone indifferent.

game Features:

  • colorful graphics;
  • addictive gameplay;
  • famous character;
  • availability of mini-games.
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