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    9-01-2020, 14:32
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Minecraft - at one time, the game appeared on computers and instantly gained immense popularity. So transferring it to a mobile platform was just a matter of time, which was not long in coming. Here before you is a mobile version of the famous game, which has retained all its features and advantages, including in mobile form. The only major difference from the computer version, there will be an interface that is maximally simplified for smartphones. Moreover, despite the simplification, it turned out to be quite functional, so that you are committed quietly, will be able to perform any task set before you, as you progress.

Starting to play, you will get the opportunity or create a new world from scratch. Or download an existing one in order to play in it. In any case, whatever you choose, you will find yourself in front of a really big and completely open world. In which you can have fun as you want. You can explore the world around you, and if you wish, you can build grandiose and striking structures. Agree, already exclusively for the sake of such opportunities, Minecraft you just have to. The game should please both old fans who still played it on computers. So are new players who are just planning to start playing.

The game has a fairly simple graphics, which was to us as if from the 90s. But at the same time, in this case, this is not a problem, the gameplay is much more important than a fairly mediocre picture. In addition, it should be added that due to the not particularly high-quality graphics, the game turned out to be completely not demanding on your device, so it will have to go on most smartphones, without any really significant problems. At the same time, let the picture is weak enough, but it turned out to be a worthy soundtrack. Almost every action you take will be accompanied by its original sound. Well, of course, do not forget about the crafting itself, the game has an incredibly large number of blocks from which you as you progress, you can create literally anything. In addition, the game boasts a really high-quality translation, thanks to which you will quickly be able to understand everything that is happening.

game Features:

  • A really big world that can be explored for a long time;
  • A huge set of things that can be created during the passage;
  • Decent soundtrack, sounds are always in the theme;
  • Extremely convenient operation.

Or Minecraft Can still download the software Minecraft!
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